TeraDiode Company Overview

TeraDiode is commercializing ground-breaking technology pioneered at MIT Lincoln Laboratory for the industry’s first ultra-bright direct-diode laser. Within one year of the company’s inception in 2009, TeraDiode created its first prototype and established an industry benchmark by breaking all previous records for combined power and beam quality from a direct-diode laser.

A Quantum Leap in Direct Diode Laser Development

In 2008 Dr. Bien Chann and Dr. Robin Huang conceived the idea of starting a venture to commercialize the wavelength beam combining technology they co-developed while working at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. With business guidance from Dr. Fred Leonberger, who held management positions at Lincoln Laboratory in the 1980s, they recruited a fourth co-founder and future CEO, David Sossen.

Mr. Sossen and Dr. Leonberger provided seed funding for the venture in early 2009, followed by Series A funding from Stata Venture Partners in September. Dr. Chann and Dr. Huang joined TeraDiode full-time shortly thereafter. TeraDiode has since completed two subsequent rounds of financing and is now located in a 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Wilmington MA. As part of its second round of financing, the company took on a new CEO, Dr. Parviz Tayebati, who is renowned for his successes in growing photonic companies.