TeraDiode’s ultra-high brightness, direct-diode lasers enable many defense applications, including infrared countermeasures, target designators and directed energy weapons.

For applications using a fiber laser, only TeraDiode’s TeraDrive™ technology offers ultra-high spatial and spectral brightness in a single-stage laser.  We believe this is the only approach to a 100 kW fiber laser system that can meet the stringent SWaP and reliability demands of defense applications.  In addition, the TeraDrive™ technology is highly stable with respect to temperature (dλ/dT) and power (dλ/dP).  These are required to scale a fiber laser to HEL power levels.

For free space applications, TeraDiode can produce a nearly diffraction-limited output that can be scaled to 100 kW and higher power levels.

The TeraDrive™ technology is based on more than ten years of government funded research at MIT Lincoln Laboratory which was led in part by two of our co-founders, Dr. Bien Chann and Dr. Robin Huang.